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The ‘D.Day’ Landing Beaches and Bayeux.

Start with a drive along Juno and Gold beaches, where the Canadians and the British troops landed and visit the D. Day museum in Arromanches. You will learn how the artificial port built there allowed to unload the necessary equipment to win the war...

Continue with Omaha beach and the very moving American cemetery. Then drive along Omaha beach where your guide will show you some of the German bunkers and machine-gun nests.

See Pointe du Hoc where the Ranger heroes of colonel James Earl Rudder climbed the cliff to destroy a German battery, key action for the success of 'D.Day' and therefore victory in World War II !

Option: on the way back to Paris, see the Tapestry of Queen Mathilda in Bayeux, actually a 70 meters long work of embroidery retracing the epic of William the Conqueror's expedition to England in 1066.

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Rouen, Honfleur and Deauville

Walking tour in the old town of Rouen, Capital of Upper Normandy with its gothic churches and half timbered houses and the old market square where Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake.

Afternoon visit of the charming port in Honfleur, birthplace of impressionism, from where Samuel de Champlain and Cavelier de la Salle set sail.

Drive along the coastal road to discover Trouville and Deauville, smart seaside resorts of the wealthy Parisians.

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The granite island, 80 meters high in the middle of a bay forms a monumental and picturesque sight with its village houses huddled close together and encircled by walls and on top, the old abbey founded in 708 with its gothic "Marvel". During equinoxes, watch the highest tides in Europe rising with the speed of a running horse.

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