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'Gastronomic delights of the Latin quarter'

Every morning except Sundays and Mondays.

This very "delicious walk" in the most residential neighbourhood of the Latin Quarter will allow you to discover a farmers' market and the lively gourmet shops of the rue Mouffetard, but also some of the best bakers, cheese shops and regional specialty boutiques of the capital.

During this tour, your guide will be sharing all her secrets and knowledge on how to choose the best products and specially how to avoid the numerous tourist traps !

Guided tour and tasting: approximately 3 hours.

Price: 90 euros per person.

including tasting : (different kinds of bread, regional cheeses, foie gras, wine and traditional pastry)


Visit of the Food Market of Place Breteuil, the Military School and the Champs de Mars

Available on Thurdays and Saturdays morning.

This market is located in one of the most exquisite and upscale districts of Paris, the neighborhood of the Hotel des Invalides, the 7th arrondissement.

Being in the vicinity of some gourmet restaurants, this is where the great Parisian chefs find high quality fresh vegetables, fruits and sea food.
You will sample a great variety of French specialties such as cheeses, breads, pastries or seasonal fruits, specially selected by your guide. Our walk will be enriched by many fun and short anecdotes and histories of French gastronomy.

The background of this market being the famous Military school and the Eiffel Tower, our walk will lead to the Champs de Mars, the charming garden between the 2 monuments, where Parisians and tourists enjoy pick nicking on a nice sunny day.

Guided tour and tasting: approximately 3 hours.

Price: 90 euros per person.

including tasting : (about 4 kinds of cheeses, different kinds of bread and several specialties and surprises, depending on the moment!)


From the Concorde to the Madeleine square, famous gourmet shops and luxury grocery stores

Available from Monday to Friday morning.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, an extra stop and tasting at the outdoor market by the Madeleine church.

Our walk will lead you from the Concorde square to the Madeleine church area, the Parisian temple dedicated to the French gastronomy.

Restaurants and gourmet shops such as Maxim's, Fauchon, Hédiard or Ladurée settled here in the mid 19th c. to cater to the new bourgeoisie class. Hédiard was the first boutique selling spices and exotic fruits, such as pineapple, to the Parisians. Ladurée invented the recipe of the famous "macaroon" in the late 1860s, probably the most famous Parisian pastry, and Maxim's was the restaurant where one should take his mistress !

You will be able to taste cheeses, breads, various regional specialties and some exquisite pastries and chocolates.

All your tasting will be accompanied by some fun and informative comments of your guide on the rich history of this neighborhood, allowing you to appreciate fully your experience.

Guided tour and tasting: approximately 3 hours.

Price: 75 euros per person.

Tasting not included : 'you buy as you go' with the advices of your guide.


'Sweet Saint Germain des Prés'

Available from Tuesday to Saturday, morning or afternoon.

A walk to discover the greatest Parisian talents of bakery, patisserie and chocolate making in the elegant St Germain des Près district.

You will taste exquisite chocolates from 3 different artisan chocolatiers, including the "Best Chocolate maker of France 2000", different bread specialties (2 bakeries) and delightful macaroons made by the Picasso of French patissiers.

You will also learn many useful details helping you choose the best quality breads and chocolates.

Guided tour and tasting: approximately 3 hours.

Price: 90 euros per person.

Tasting included.


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